About us

Kovostroj a.s. Dobšiná is a member of the Strip group, which belongs to the largest steel product producers in Central and Eastern Europe, employing over 120 people. Kovostroj has long been associated with quality, tradition, and top customer service.

Company History

The history of the company began in 1962 OPP Rožňava when KOVO Dobšiná was founded.

1990 – the company name changed to KOVOSTROJ.

1991 – the company moved to the new premises on Cípová ul.

1992 – the independent company VSŽ KOVOSTROJ s.r.o. established. Profile production started.

2003 – change of owner. KOVOSTROJ joined Strip, a.s. Košice.

                      Dynamic changes followed; especially in the technical development of the company, new capacities and clear progress towards the dominance in the steel profiles market.

Present – in recent years, the company has invested in a new splitting facility, new profiling facility, and new technologies to meet the increasing demands in the varieties of profile shapes.

We produce fast, in high quality, and in attractive prices. We value a balanced relationship with our customers based on long-term cooperation and mutual trust.

Our goals and vision

Company vision

Continuously increase our company value by harnessing the power of our brand.

Our goals


Maintain a well-organized, people-centered culture and their values. Our goal is to attract, retain and develop top industry leaders. The principle of our system of reward and compensation for our employees lies in their focus on performance.


To build an independent, important, and healthy brand focused on continuous sales growth and profitability.


Build the foundation for continually improving business performance and profitability. Maintain a lean and efficient organization.


Develop the strategies and resources needed for growth. (New production lines, support technical equipment, new methods of production management, new ways of marketing and so on). Seek opportunities for acquisitions of other brands to support the foundation for the growth of our company.


To create a system for continuous appreciation for the capital the partners contributed into the company. We want to succeed in the market with a competitive business model and we are ready to demonstrate the assistance to the community in which we work.

Our cardinal values


We insist on sincerity, honesty, and ethical behavior in everything we do.


All of our work teams and individual employees are ready to bear their share of responsiveness to deliver positive results to the company and its customers.


We treat people the way we want them to treat us.


We are a responsive partner to our customers and a base to our employees.


We are constantly striving to improve every day – both ourselves as well as the products we offer.


Every employee is ready to prioritize team goals over their personal needs.


We constantly strive to create and improve the working environment so that our employees can reach their full potential.